Cops REFUSE To Stop Muslim Rape Gang For One Infuriating Reason

The Muslim rape gang that has ravaged the British town of Rotherdam, having sexually exploited and brutally abused over 1,400 victims as young as 11-years-old, shows no signs of slowing down because government officials are allowing it. The BBC reported that the issue began in 1997, but police have done little to stop it and in fact are covering it up. Now the group has grown to become exponentially more violent.

In just the last five months hundreds of new cases have emerged with victims becoming increasingly more defenseless as one described her abuser as being “untouchable.” Children are being raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten, and intimidated, Sky News reported.

“It’s still going on if not worse, because now they’re having to hide it more,” one victim explained on account of anonymity. “I’m still seeing my abusers driving young girls in their car. They’re untouchable.” She said of the police that “all they care about is getting a statement. Six months on we’ve had no arrests, we’ve had no charges, evidence is still being lost.”

British authorities refuse to combat the issue for fear of being deemed as racist or called “Islamaphobes,” considering that all of the sexual savages are Muslim and following the teachings of Islam which allow them to capture non-Muslim girls and press them into sexual slavery, as addressed as an acceptable act in the Qur’an (4:3; 4:24; 23:1-6; 33:50).

It is the fear of being forever stigmatized as a bigot that has prevented proper prosecution of the rape gangs. The Islamification that has taken root in many areas of the U.K. is able to occur since the British government as well as their media feel that anything regarding jihad terror and Sharia law are racist topics, if saying egregious acts are being perpetrated in the of Islam. The issue is not that the men who make up these rape gangs are of Pakistani origin — that would classifies as racist — but it is because they are all Muslims who believe that infidel girls are nothing more than “uncovered meat.” Even if some believe this is racist, there are still thousands of victims who pay the price to protect the sensitivities of others.

What is making men in these gangs “untouchable” is the prevailing culture in Britain. Their liberal mindset, as it is in America as well, is to slander and marginalize anyone who dares raise a voice against large-scale Muslim criminality, claiming that it’s just a small percentage of a massive group of people who act radically, and all others are “peace-loving” and shouldn’t be punished for the actions of a few.

Being called a bigot or an “Islamaphobe” should be more acceptable than being accused of having done nothing to protect the innocent victims subjected by their Sharia-supported sex trafficking.



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