Dangerous Muslim Street Gang Just Got REALLY Bad News In London

A London judge is taking specific measures to protect members of the community from the wrath of an unruly gang of Muslim men who routinely terrorize the town, by handing down a set of orders which bans them from participating in a number of different social settings.

The group of extremists, led by radical hate preacher Anjem Choudary, are known for violent outbursts at rallies, carrying offensive flags, and setting fire to items at protests. But Judge Paul Worsley has now banned the men from gathering in large groups, along with four particularly dangerous members of the gang who threatened violence, getting served an additional three-year anti-social behavior order (Asbo) to ensure crime is not committed. The Asbo prevents the men from carrying flags or setting fire to items in protest, BBC News reported.

“I am entirely satisfied that an order to limit the conduct of these defendants is appropriate in each case,” Worsley said of his decision. “They have proved they are prepared to behave in a way which is totally unacceptable involving violence or threat of violence to members of the public going about their business.”

The Muslim street marchers are irate at the judge’s orders, saying it is unlawful since it inhibits them from being able to practice their religion of Islam, and as such, they claim the decision is a breach of their right to religious expression. However, Worsely didn’t care and stuck to his orders anyway.

According the MailOnline, four of the group of Sunni Muslims were involved in an attack on rival Shia Muslims during a protest march May 10, where sectarian violence broke out during the rally, organized by Choudary, at which the hate preacher was calling out for jihad in Syria. Two men were beaten to the ground as members of the violent mob screamed, “This is what is going to happen to all Shia” and  “Shias are kaffirs. They are the enemy within. They are evil,” all in the name of practicing their religion.

At the long hearing leading up to the judge’s decision, Commander Duncan Ball said, “People in London have a right to go about their daily lives without being put in fear by this type of criminal behavior.”

London and much of Europe has become a hot bed of extremist Muslim activity, where they have infiltrated entire communities and imposed Islam on others. This is a step in the right direction by authorities to prevent full Islamification in their towns and protect the residents.

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